Cloudberries are tough to tame. The sweet, tangy droplets of amber are found blooming freely in the wilds of Nordic boreal forests, swollen with crisp Scandinavian waters, burning bright orange like a sunset over Lofoten in autumn. Their flavors are unexpected – bright, saccharine, even tart, yet pleasant and surprising.

The cloudberry is what we want to show you: the rare and tasty bits of Scandinavia, with a focus on our relationship to that which sustains us. We’ll bring you closer to the people who create our food, whether they be a dairy farmer from rural Norway, a chef from a top New Nordic restaurant, a distiller of a new brand of Aquavit, or anyone else who has committed their life to the exploration of Scandinavian food and wilderness.

Velkommen to the realm of Victus Nord, the crossroads between Nordic wilderness and culinary discovery. The world is our greatest classroom; reclaim your curiosity.


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Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.