October 1, 2020 A taste of Nordic food and nature


Food Focus

We’re talking about some weird foods here, so we wanted to keep them all straight in one location. Browse the food glossary below, or return to it when you just can’t remember the difference between Rømmegrøt and Raskfisk.

Brunost (broo-nohst) Norwegian – “Brown cheese”. Brunost is a sweet-savory goat cheese made from caramelized whey, giving it a sharp, sweet-sour dulce de leche flavor.


Local Lingo

We created a glossary of handy Scandi words that may pop up in our pieces, be featured in the weekly newsletter, or simply serve as a good point of reference. Take a look at hygge, the Danish lifestyle sensation, below, and read on for more.

Hygge (hue-gah) Danish – the concept of creating feelings of contentment and wellbeing through the production of cozy, comfortable physical surroundings. Such surroundings are often enhanced by the use of a plethora of candles, soft and plush blankets, warm food and drink, and the act of being together with close friends. Read more from the New Yorker here.


Pins on the Map

A list of our favorite food spots so that you can stop by and namedrop us if you like.

Including the likes of: Credo, Spontan, Noma, Relæ, Bæst


That Weird Measurement System

Sorry America, the rest of the world uses metric and they have the advantage of common sense. But we know change is hard, so here are some easy conversions all in the same spot.

1 cup = 240 ml

1 pound = 454 grams


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